§ 560.


Every person, firm or corporation operating, maintaining or using any spur tracks, shall maintain them and their adjacent pavements between the rails and for two feet each side thereof and between such tracks, if there be more than one, as may be located 15 feet or less apart center line to center line as hereinafter provided, in good repair, flush with the surface of the pavement of existing roadway, so that said tracks will be no obstruction to vehicles, and to the satisfaction of the Department of Public Works, except where said tracks are in separate ownership, in which case the cost of maintenance shall be equally divided. In case said spur tracks or their adjacent pavements become out of repair, the person, firm or corporation, or persons, firms or corporations operating, maintaining or using said tracks, shall repair the same to the satisfaction of the Department of Public Works, within 30 days after service of notice to do so by the Department of Public Works. All permits for laying spur tracks shall contain the condition specified in this Section.



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