§ 850.


The following definitions shall govern the construction of this Article unless the context requires a construction otherwise:

“Department” when used alone herein shall mean the Department of Public Works of the City and County of San Francisco.

“Director” when used alone herein shall mean the Director of the Department of Public Works of the City and County of San Francisco.

“Dump” means the premises or site within the City and County of San Francisco where the disposal of waste material as defined below, is engaged in, permitted or occurs, commercially or otherwise, and otherwise than by incineration.

“Fire hazard” means any thing or any act, or the lack of any required equipment or act, which increases, or may cause an increase of, the hazard or menace to life or property from fire, explosion or panic to a greater degree than that customarily recognized as normal by persons in the public service of preventing, suppressing or extinguishing fire; or which may obstruct, delay or hinder the saving of life from fire, explosion or panic, or may become the cause of any obstruction, delay or hindrance, to the prevention, suppression or extinguishment of fire.

“Open burning” means any combustion of combustible material outdoors in the open, not in any enclosure, where the products of combustion are not directed through a flue.

“Person” means any firm, association, organization, partnership, business, trust, joint venture, corporation or company, including the United States, the State of California, the City and County of San Francisco, and any districts, officers, employees or agency of such governmental agencies.

“Waste material” means nonputrescible debris and waste materials including wood, brick, plaster, glass, cement, plastics and ferrous or metallic materials derived from the construction of or the partial or total demolition of buildings or from any other source, that are combustible in nature in whole or in part.


(Added by Ord. 25-61, App. 2/9/61)


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