§ 854.


Disposal of waste material at a dump shall be by the fill and cover or the cut and cover method and shall be done to the satisfaction of the City Engineer.

All voids in the waste material shall be filled with earth, sand or other inert materials, free of pieces of rock, concrete or the like having a maximum dimension in excess of six inches. The filling shall be adequate to prevent the unobstructed passage of rodents in the fill and to prevent ventilation that would permit combustion.

Firm compaction of all materials placed in the dump shall be continually effected by the use of bulldozers or other suitable equipment.

A seal of inert materials, of the kind specified in the paragraph second above, having a thickness of not less than six inches after compaction shall be deposited and maintained on the top, sides and face of the dumped waste material by the end of each day’s operations.

The permittee, or an adult representative fully familiar with the requirements of this article, shall be present and in charge at the dump at all hours during the delivery and disposal of waste material.


(Added by Ord. 25-61, App. 2/9/61)


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