§ 953.


A separate written application for a permit is required for the installation and maintenance of a public telephone or group of telephones to be installed on the public sidewalk fronting each lot or property under one ownership. Any subsequent installation of additional telephones fronting the same lot or property shall require a separate application and permit. Application for permit shall be filed with the Director of Public Works and shall contain the name and residence or business address of the person, firm or corporation making such application, a brief description of the location, the number and type of each public telephone to be installed and maintained, and such other appropriate information as the Director may require. Each application shall be accompanied by two copies of a map of the site, drawn to scale and showing the location of the proposed installation, the location of all surface facilities such as poles, hydrants, street lighting electroliers, vehicular parking or stopping zones, parking meters, underground facilities, building entrances, driveway entrances and the width of the sidewalk. Each application described herein shall also be accompanied by a general deposit in the sum of $500 for each public telephone included in the application, or in lieu thereof, the application shall be accompanied by a bond executed and filed with the Department of Public Works in a penal sum equal to the amount of $500 per telephone included in the application. Said bond shall be with a surety company authorized to do business in the State of California as surety thereon, running in favor of the City and County of San Francisco, conditioned that the applicant shall make all payments required to be made under and pursuant to this Article, and while such general deposit is maintained at the said sum of $500 per telephone or while no breach of condition of said bond shall occur said applicant shall be required to comply with all of the permitting and other provisions of this Article.


(Added by Ord. 122-70, App. 4/17/70; amended by Ord. 287-92, App. 9/16/92)


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