§ 2.1.3.


In instances where administration or processing of any permit is or will exceed the fee amount established pursuant to section 2.1.1, the Director, in his or her discretion, may require an applicant or permittee to pay a sum in excess of the subject fee amounts. This additional sum shall be sufficient to recover actual costs that the Department incurs and shall be charged on a time and materials basis. The Director also may charge for any time and materials costs that other agencies, boards, commissions, or departments of the City incur in connection with the processing or administration of a particular application or permit. Whenever additional fees are or will be charged, the Director, upon request of the applicant or permittee, shall provide in writing the basis for the additional fees or an estimate of the additional fees to be charged.


(Added by Ord. 151-03, File No. 030830, 6/27/2003)


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