§ 1205.


Within six months of the enactment of this Article, the Department of Public Works, in cooperation with the Public Utilities Commission, the Department of Public Health, and the San Francisco Fire Department, shall prepare and issue material and construction specifications for reclaimed water irrigation systems, reclaimed water distribution systems and reclaimed water systems. Specifications shall include, but not be limited to, pipe identification, quick coupling valves, use of distribution systems, washdown hydrants and other points of public access, warning labels, control and regulating valves, strainers, reclaimed water piping, potable water piping, conversion requirements, design criteria, backflow and cross-connection prevention designs and devices, and facilities for temporary potable water use if reclaimed water is not available. Specifications shall be based on the final draft “Guidelines for Distribution of Nonpotable Water,” issued by the Association of Water Works Agencies, California-Nevada Section, Water Reclamation Committee (as amended from time to time), unless the Department of Public Works determines that sound engineering judgment relating to local conditions and practices requires deviation from such specifications.


(Added by Ord. 390-91, App. 11/7/91 and Ord. 391-91, App. 11/7/91)


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