§ 1400.


The Board of Supervisors finds as follows:


The City and County of San Francisco has a substantial interest in promoting the public health, safety, welfare and convenience of its citizens and visitors by ensuring that public streets, sidewalks and rights-of-way not be obstructed by unattended empty shopping carts left on either public property or on private property without the owner’s consent.


The proliferation of unattended empty shopping carts on City streets and public and private property has contributed to congestion of City sidewalks, impeded the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, interfered with the use of streets, sidewalks and public rights-of-way, presented hazards to persons and property, contributed to litter problems and resulted in visual blight.


The purpose of this ordinance is to promote the public health, safety and welfare and the aesthetic qualities of the City by promoting removal of unattended empty shopping carts on public property or on private property without the owner’s consent so as to:


Provide for pedestrian and vehicular safety and convenience;


Ensure that there is no unreasonable interference in the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, including ingress into, or egress from, any residence, place of business or public facility, or any legally parked or stopped vehicle; and


Reduce visual blight and clutter and litter problems associated with empty shopping carts.


(Added by Ord. 32-02, File No. 012234, App. 3/22/2002)


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