§ 1405.


The owner, or his or her agent, of a shopping cart that has been impounded pursuant to this Article may request a hearing before the Director to contest the validity of the impoundment. The hearing request shall be made in writing to the Director within five business days from the date the actual notice given to the owner pursuant to this Article. The hearing shall be conducted within five business days of the date the Director receives the request, and shall be conducted in accordance with procedures established by the Director. In the hearing, the City shall bear the burden of demonstrating the factual basis for the removal and impound. If the Director determines that the shopping cart was wrongfully impounded, the shopping cart shall be returned to the owner or his or her agent, and any costs or charges otherwise due shall be waived.


(Added by Ord. 32-02, File No. 012234, App. 3/22/2002)


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