§ 1523.


Each Permittee shall submit and maintain with the Department a bond, cash deposit, or other security acceptable to the Department securing the faithful performance of the obligations of the Permittee and its agents under any and all Personal Wireless Service Facility Site Permits issued to the Permittee under this Article 25. The deposit shall be in the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) in favor of the “Department of Public Works, City and County of San Francisco.” If, in accordance with this Article 25, the Director deducts any amounts from such a deposit, the Permittee must restore the full amount of the deposit prior to the Department’s issuance of a subsequent Permit. The Department shall return the deposit to the Permittee should Permittee cease to operate any Personal Wireless Service Facilities in the Public Rights-of-Way.


(Added by Ord. 12-11, File No. 100041)


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