§ 120.



The General Manager is authorized to administer and enforce the provisions of this Article; to conduct an industrial waste pretreatment program; to issue permits containing discharge requirements, indemnification and surety provisions and other conditions; to deny or revoke any permits, orders or variances issued pursuant to this Article; to promulgate local limitations imposing specific discharge requirements; to enforce the provisions of this Article by any lawful means available for such purpose; to monitor and inspect any wastewater discharger; to require dischargers to perform and submit for the General Manager’s review and approval wastestream and process environmental audits and to require dischargers to implement any objectives, including reclamation and waste minimization objectives, identified by the audits; and to promulgate such orders, rules and regulations necessary to accomplish the purposes of this Article in accordance with the requirements that have been or may be promulgated by federal or state legislatures, the Environmental Protection Agency, the State Water Resources Control Board, the Regional Water Quality Control Board for the San Francisco Bay Region or other authorized agencies.


The General Manager is authorized to require the construction and use of pretreatment systems or devices to treat wastewater prior to discharge to the sewerage system when necessary to restrict or prevent the discharge of wastewater in violation of the Categorical Pretreatment Standards or exceeding the limits established by this Article, or to distribute wastewater discharges over a period of time. The General Manager may require any discharger to develop a compliance schedule containing dates for the commencement and completion of major events leading to the construction and operation of pretreatment systems or devices necessary for compliance with the provisions of this Article in the shortest time possible. No compliance schedule shall allow more than nine months between any two major event dates. All proposed pretreatment systems or devices shall be subject to the review and comment of the General Manager, but such review shall not relieve a discharger of the responsibility for taking all steps necessary to comply with all applicable wastewater discharge limitations and standards pursuant to this Article and other laws. All required pretreatment systems or devices shall be installed, operated and maintained at the discharger’s expense.


The General Manager may, by permit or order, require a discharger to construct, in accordance with current City standards and at the discharger’s expense, a monitoring facility in each side sewer in the street or sidewalk area, or in areas further upstream on the discharger’s property, for wastewater monitoring purposes. The construction shall be completed within the time set forth in the permit or order.


Any permit may be revoked, modified or suspended by the General Manager, in addition to other remedies provided by law, when such action is necessary to stop a discharge or a threatened discharge that may present a hazard to the public health, safety, welfare, natural environment, or sewerage system, to prevent or stop violations of this Article, or to implement programs or policies required or requested of the City by appropriate state or federal regulatory agencies.


(Added by Ord. 19-92, App. 1/23/92; amended by Ord. 116-97, App. 3/28/97)


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