§ 125.



Persons discharging wastewater into the sewerage system prior to the effective date of this amendment to this Article shall submit an application for a permit when notified by the General Manager. Except as provided in Section 123(h), (i) and (j), a new source must submit an application at least 90 days prior to commencement of the discharge.


Applicants for either a permit, a permit modification, or a permit renewal shall complete and submit an application for each point of discharge. The General Manager, at his or her discretion, may require submission of information on the characteristics of the discharge in addition to information provided in the application. The completed application shall be submitted by the discharger not less than 90 days prior to the commencement of the discharge or the modified discharge, or in the case of a permit renewal, 90 days prior to the expiration date of an existing permit. The application shall contain the certification required by Section 127(f) of this Article and shall be signed by an authorized representative of the discharger in accordance with Section 127(g) of this Article. No person shall commence discharge prior to issuance of the permit.


No permit may be issued unless the applicant has complied with all requirements of this Article and all applicable City, State and federal laws; the applicant has furnished all requested information; the General Manager determines that there are adequate devices, equipment, chemicals, and other facilities to sample, meter, convey, treat, and dispose of wastewater; and the persons responsible for treatment and control are adequately trained and capable of consistently meeting permit requirements. The General Manager shall take final action on permit denial, issuance, modification, or renewal by sending a copy of the permit to the applicant by certified mail.


The General Manager shall post a notice of permit issuance, denial, renewal or modification at City Hall, or by publication in a newspaper of general circulation. The notice shall include a summary of the General Manager’s action on the permit, and instructions for filing a public hearing request. The General Manager’s action shall be final 15 days after the General Manager’s posting or publication of the notice of permit action, or within the time specified in the notice, unless a public hearing request has been filed in accordance with Section 125(e).


Any person who deems that his or her interests or property or that the general public interest will be adversely affected by the General Manager’s denial, issuance, modification, or renewal of a permit may request a public hearing within 15 days of the General Manager’s posting or publication of a notice of permit action, or within the time specified in the notice. Upon receipt of a timely request for a public hearing, the General Manager shall hold a public hearing after giving the notice provided in Section 129(b).


(Added by Ord. 19-92, App. 1/23/92; amended by Ord. 116-97, App. 3/28/97)


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