§ 150.1.


Unless the context otherwise specifies or requires, the terms defined in this Section shall, for all purposes of this article, have the meanings herein specified, the following definitions to be equally applicable to both the singular and plural forms of any of the terms herein defined:


The term “City” means the City and County of San Francisco;


The term “Department” means the Public Utilities Department of the City and County of San Francisco;


The term “Manager” means the Manager of the Customer Service Bureau of the Public Utilities Department, or his authorized agents;


The term “real property” means a lot or building thereon or other facility whether private, governmental or otherwise in the City and County of San Francisco;


The term “Commission” means the Public Utilities Commission of the City and County of San Francisco, or its designated agent;


The term “owner” when used with reference to real property shall mean, and shall conclusively be deemed to be, the legal owner of the real property, except, when the legal owner of said real property is such due to the holding of a mortgage, note or other such security, in which case the “owner” shall be deemed to be the beneficial owner of said real property.


The term “Committee” means the Lien Hearing Committee comprised of three members as designated by the General Manager of Utilities or his designee.


The term “customer” means the person subscribing for water and sewer service from the Public Utilities Department, whether or not such person is the owner of the property to which such service is rendered.


The phrase “Bureau of Delinquent Revenue” means the Bureau of Delinquent Revenue Collection with the Tax Collector’s Office, as set forth in San Francisco Administrative Code Section 10.37.


(Amended by Ord. 223-81, App. 5/4/81; Ord. 243-99, File No. 991266, App. 9/22/99)


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