§ 150.5.


When water and sewer service has been rendered on a continuing account, and a bill has been presented to the customer and such bill remains unpaid until the succeeding billing cycle, Department shall mail a written request for payment to the customer, and to the owner when the customer is not the owner. In the case of accounts that have been closed without payment in full, the Department shall mail to the customer, and to the owner when the customer is not the owner, a written request for payment. The notice provisions of this section do not apply to the owners of tenant occupied individually metered residential properties unless the property owner is the customer of record.

The written request for payment shall include information as to the amount due and a warning notice that if the amount due is not paid within 15 days, water service on an open account may be terminated and proceedings to establish a lien against the real property to which the service was furnished will be instituted. The notice will further provide that if the account remains unpaid, administrative fees and interest, pursuant to this Article, will accrue. The form and content of said notice shall be approved by the Committee.


(Amended by Ord. 200-77, App. 6/8/77; Ord. 243-99, File No. 991266, App. 9/22/99)


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