§ 150.6.


If payment is not received within 15 days following mailing of the request, the account shall be deemed to be delinquent. Delinquent accounts which are to be subjected to the lien procedure shall be reported to Committee by Manager at least once each month. The Committee shall conduct a hearing pursuant to rules and regulations consistent with this Article and approved by the Commission. The report for each such delinquent account shall contain the owner’s name, the amount due, and a description of each parcel to be subjected to the lien procedure. The descriptions of the parcels shall be those used for the same parcels on the assessor’s map books for the current year. Upon receipt of such report, Committee shall fix a time, date and place for hearing the report and any protests or objections thereto, and shall cause notice of the hearing to be mailed to each owner of the parcels of real property described in the report not less than 10 days prior to the date of hearing.


(Amended by Ord. 200-77, App. 6/8/77; Ord. 243-99, File No. 991266, App. 9/22/99)


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