§ 150.7.


At the time fixed for consideration of the report, the Committee shall hear it, along with any objections or evidence offered on behalf of the owners or their legal counsel regarding the real property liable to be assessed for delinquent accounts. The Committee may make such revisions, corrections or modifications to the report as it may deem necessary. In the event that the Committee is satisfied with the correctness of the report (as submitted or as revised, corrected or modified), it shall be confirmed. The decision of Committee on the report and on all protests or objections thereto shall be final and conclusive; provided, however, any delinquent account may be removed from the report by payment in full at any time prior to confirmation of the report. The Committee shall cause the confirmed report to be verified in a form sufficient to meet recording requirements.


(Added by Ord. 62-75, App. 2/26/75; Ord. 243-99, File No. 991266, App. 9/22/99)


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