§ 176.2.


Every owner or operator of a business establishment desiring to place café tables and chairs in a public sidewalk, court, alley or street shall first submit an application for a café tables and chairs permit to the Department of Public Works. Each such application shall state the name of the applicant, the name and address of the establishment, the proposed area to be occupied by the tables and chairs and the hours and days that the area is to be so occupied, and shall be accompanied by a fully dimensioned space-use plan showing the locations, number and arrangement of tables and chairs, the size of café tables and chairs to be used, the proposed size and locations of the pedestrian diverters planned to demarcate the occupied area, the location of the entrance to the establishment, the locations of fire exits or fire escapes, and the nature and location of any existing sidewalk obstructions.


(Added by Ord. 236-93, App. 7/16/93)


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