§ 176.4.


If after 10 calendar days following posting of the Notice of Intent to Place Café Tables and Chairs, the Department of Public Works has received no protest or opposition to the proposed café tables and chairs and the proposed design and location of the café tables and chairs, as described in the application, conforms to the guidelines set forth by the Director of Public Works, or if applicant receives a variance to the guidelines, the Director of Public Works shall issue a café tables and chairs permit to the applicant.

No permit issued under the provisions of this Section shall become effective until the permit applicant has signed the permit and has delivered to the Department of Public Works proof of insurance to the limits required by Section 176.5 of this Article and has paid a street/sidewalk occupancy fee which shall be calculated by applying a rate of $3 per seat per month, but which shall be no less than $100 annually nor shall said fee exceed a maximum of $360 annually.

If the application submitted does not meet the guidelines established by the Director of Public Works for approved café tables and chairs, the applicant may apply for special review and approval of the proposed café tables and chairs permit. The Department of Public Works shall then submit the application to the Interdepartmental Staff Committee on Traffic and Transportation (ISCOTT) for special review.


(Added by Ord. 236-93, App. 7/16/93)


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