§ 183-7.


Any display stands placed in the public sidewalk without a validly issued permit may be seized and removed pursuant to this Section. Before any display stands are seized, the owner or operator of the business establishment fronting on the sidewalk from which the display stands are to be removed shall be given 10 business days in which to apply for a valid permit. If the responsible party does not make a good faith effort to submit a permit application pursuant to Section 183-2 herein within the time prescribed, the display stands may be seized and removed from their sidewalk location by the City.

Seized display stands shall be retained by the City and County and may be recovered by the responsible person for a period of at least 10 business days following seizure. As a condition of recovering any display stands seized pursuant to this Section, the person responsible for such display stands shall pay an impound fee equal to the actual cost to the City of transporting and storing such display stands.


(Added by Ord. 372-93, App. 11/23/93)


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