§ 184.65.


In any civil action seeking recovery of a civil penalty and/or costs of removal of a Sign for violation of any of the provisions of this Article, and in the issuance and administrative review of administrative citation(s) issued for the posting of a Sign in violation of any of the provisions of this Article, the City at all times shall have the burden of proving that the Person against whom such civil action is brought, or to whom such administrative citation(s) is or are issued, posted or caused the posting of the Sign. In any such civil action, and in the issuance and/or administrative review of any such administrative citation(s), where the Sign at issue does no more than propose a commercial transaction, proof that the Sign posted contains the name of or in any other manner identifies a Person may be used as evidence to show, and may, depending on all relevant circumstances as evaluated by the trier of fact, enable the trier of fact to infer, that the Person caused such Signs to be posted or to remain posted.


(Added by Ord. 116-99, File No. 982076, App. 5/14/99; amended by Ord. 222-06, File No. 060853, App. 8/11/2006; Ord. 74-11, File No. 110280, App. 5/5/2011, Eff. 6/4/2011)


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