§ 184.66.


The Director shall publish a copy of this Article once in one or more newspapers of general circulation, post a copy of the Article on a bulletin board in or adjacent to the City Hall for a period of 90 calendar days after its passage, and prominently provide notice of this Article in any material made available to the public regarding the City’s regulations of Signs. Further, the Director of Elections shall inform any Person who qualifies to be a candidate for a local office of this Article and shall make information about this Ordinance available to all other candidates and proponents of ballot measures.

The notice requirements of this Section are intended to enhance community awareness of the City’s regulations of Signs. However, the notice requirements shall be given only directive effect. Accordingly, the failure of the Director or the Director of Elections to provide the notice required by this Section shall not be a defense in any criminal proceeding or civil action brought to enforce the provisions of this Article nor shall such failure relieve any Person of criminal or civil liability for postings that violate this Article.


(Added by Ord. 116-99, File No. 982076, App. 5/14/99; Ord. 222-06, File No. 060853, App. 8/11/2006)


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