§ 184.82.



The provisions of this Article do not apply to those Mobile Food Facilities distributing food and/or drink for human consumption that operate wholly, and exclusively on streets, drives, alleys, squares, parks, piers, loading facilities, schools, colleges or universities under the jurisdiction of the Recreation and Park Commission of the City and County of San Francisco, the Board of Education of the City and County of San Francisco, or the San Francisco Port Commission and are authorized by said Commissions or Board to maintain stopping places to conduct sales of food and/or drink for human consumption at locations under the authority of said Commissions or Board.


A Pushcart Peddler who applies for and receives a permit from BART for operation of a Pushcart at the 16th St. and 24th St. BART stations and the street level plazas adjacent thereto shall not be required to obtain a permit from the Director for that Location, and shall be exempt from the fee, application, and hearing procedures provided for in this Article for that Location. The Pushcart Peddler, however, shall be subject to the provisions set forth in Sections 184.91, 184.92, and 184.94.


When an application for a permit to operate a Pushcart is filed with BART, BART shall inform the Director of Health so that the Director of Health may make an investigation into the applicant’s proposed Mobile Food Facility. In order to operate the Pushcart, the Peddler shall first obtain an annual Certificate of Sanitation from the Director of Health and pay Department of Public Health fees as set forth in Section 184.83.


(Added by Ord. 298-10, File No. 101352, App. 12/3/2010)


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