§ 184.97.



The Director may suspend or revoke for good cause any permit or any permit Location, which has been issued pursuant to this Article, if he finds, after a noticed public hearing, that such permit holder has engaged in or been found guilty of any of the following acts:


Fraud, misrepresentation, or false statement contained in the application for permit.


Violation of provisions of State law regarding Mobile Food Facilities, the State Vehicle Code, this Article or any of the regulations or rules adopted pursuant to this Article, the San Francisco Municipal Code, or a determination of violation by the Director of Public Health under Subsection (b).


Any violations occur as specified herein for another Mobile Food Facility permit issued to the same permittee.


The Mobile Food Facility Vendor is operating in a manner that negatively impacts the public health, safety, convenience, or welfare.


The Mobile Food Facility Vendor habitually violates the Good Neighbor Policies set forth in Section 184.94.


The Mobile Food Facility has not operated in the permitted Location for a period of six (6) months or more.


The Director also may suspend or revoke a permit if he or she determines that the public interest necessitates use of the Mobile Food Facility Location for a different public purpose, such as a bicycle lane, traffic reconfiguration, bulb-out, bus-stop, or other pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular safety measure consistent with City policies. If a permit is revoked or suspended for this purpose, the Director, under such circumstances, shall strive to authorize a temporary or permanent relocation of the Mobile Food Facility to a comparable Location. Any such authorization shall be in writing and available at the Mobile Food Facility for review by City officials.


The Director of Health also is authorized to revoke a Certificate of Sanitation if he or she finds violations of the Health Code or State law regarding Mobile Food Facility uses. This revocation may be in addition to or separate from any action that the Director takes.


(Added by Ord. 298-10, File No. 101352, App. 12/3/2010; amended by Ord. 119-13, File No. 120193, App. 6/28/2013, Eff. 7/28/2013)


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