§ 250.040.


The term “incidental expenses,” when referring to proceedings for an acquisition, shall be deemed to mean and shall include:


The amounts awarded to the owners, lessees and lienholders by the interlocutory judgments in an action for eminent domain, including sums required to be paid or expended by reason of relocation, and compensatory amounts paid to such persons as a consequence of a negotiated transaction;


Any and all costs and expenses incurred in prosecuting an eminent domain proceeding, including but not limited to court costs, witness fees, investigative costs and similar related items;


All costs for maps, plats, surveys, searches, certificates of title, and title policies for the property to be acquired;


All fees and costs incurred for services rendered by attorneys, appraisers, financial advisors and engineers, including costs of preparing the assessment and assessment diagram;


The estimated cost of preparing and selling the bonds, including any reserve fund established for the further securing of the bonds; and


Any other expenses incurred by authority of this Procedure Code or incidental to the financing and completion of the acquisition and the assessment proceedings in the manner herein specified.


(Added by Ord. 225-81, App. 5/5/81)


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