§ 250.077.


Whenever any property shall have been acquired by the City at any such sale, then such property, or any lien thereon or interest therein created by such assessment, may be released, assigned, sold or otherwise disposed of by City as it shall determine; provided, however, that no such release, assignment, sale or other disposition of any such lien or interest, or of any such property, shall be made unless there shall be first paid to City a sum of money equal to, and not less than the amount paid therefor by City, together with all accrued penalties, costs, interest, and necessary expenses incurred; provided, further, that if any lien or interest, or property, cannot, as determined by the Board, be sold for the amounts or charges computed as herein provided, then the Board may by 4/5 vote of all its members, sell any such lien or interest or property for the best price obtainable according to its judgment; provided, further, that the Board may determine by such 4/5 vote that the public interest would best be served by the sale of such property for a particular use, in which event the consideration therefor shall be as deemed appropriate by the Board.


(Added by Ord. 225-81, App. 5/5/81)


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