§ 250.237.


As an incident to the operation of any parking or transit facility, the Board may devote a portion of the property to uses such as retail stores, bus terminals, gasoline service stations, helicopter landing areas, restaurants or eating places, or any other commercial use, when in its judgment it is convenient or necessary to conduct or permit such use in order to utilize properly the property as a parking or transit facility. Any such incidental use shall be secondary to the primary use as a parking or transit facility, and shall not exceed 25 percent surface area of the property or, in the case of a building, 25 percent of the floor area or of the value of the structure. Rentals received for such purpose shall be deposited in the improvement fund or in the bond interest and redemption fund for said project as the Board shall determine.


(Added by Ord. 225-81, App. 5/5/81)


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