§ 250.242.


When any part of the operative cost of parking places is to be paid by a special levy, the San Francisco Parking Authority shall annually file with the Clerk a written report stating in reasonable detail the estimated cost of maintenance and operation for which an assessment is to be levied in that year, including the cost of replacements, improvements and extensions to any parking place. When part of the operation costs of transit are to be so paid, such report shall be prepared and filed by the Municipal Transportation Agency. The report shall also state the manner of apportioning the levy to be made therefor. When such report shall have been primarily approved by the Board, the Clerk shall give notice to interested persons that such report has been filed in his office and open to inspection, and of a time and place when such report will be heard by the Board and an assessment ordered. Such notices may be by publication in a newspaper published in the City, or by mail to the assessees of the property at their addresses appearing on the last County tax roll or entitled to be shown on the next equalized roll as determined from the records of the Assessor or ascertained prior to the mailing or as known to the Clerk, at least 10 days before the day set for hearing.


(Added by Ord. 225-81, App. 5/5/81; Ord. 14-07, File No. 061675, App. 2/9/2007)


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