§ 250.353.


Said notice shall refer to the resolution of intention in the proceedings for identification, for a description of the work to be done or acquisitions or improvements to be had and for the boundaries of the assessment district, and notice shall be given therein to all persons interested that it is proposed to hear the report and issue bonds pursuant to this Subdivision, and that any person feeling aggrieved by any act or determination done or made in said proceedings or claiming that any previous acts or proceedings were irregular, defective, erroneous or faulty, or claiming that the work or improvement has not been performed according to the contract in a good and substantial manner, or claiming that any portion of the work or improvement for any reason was omitted or illegally included in the contract, or having any objections or reasons why bonds should not be issued in the amount set forth in the declaration and statement on file, may appear before the Board at the time and place so fixed by it and be heard.


(Added by Ord. 225-81, App. 5/5/81)


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