§ 187.


Exhibit Plan or Plans. When, in the judgment of the Director of Public Works of said City and County, public interest or convenience requires that any of the work mentioned in this Article be done, the expense of the whole or any part of which is to be assessed upon private property, and said Director deems the same expedient, he may by written order declare such expediency and briefly describe such work. Said Director shall cause to be preserved in the office of the Department of Public Works in permanent and appropriate form a written record of all acts pursuant to the procedure prescribed in this Article including all orders made by him hereunder, so that at all times during business hours there shall be open to the public a complete written record of all acts pursuant hereto. All orders of said Director pursuant hereto shall be identified by his signature. Upon making any such order of expediency, said Director shall cause to be prepared exhibit plan or plans, sufficient to give reasonable notice to the owners of the property liable to be assessed of the nature and extent of the proposed work.


(Amended by Ord. 321-69, App. 11/10/69)


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