§ 188.


At any time after the exhibit plan or plans for the contemplated work shall have been prepared, said Director may make an order declaring his intention to recommend to the Supervisors that they order to be done the work described in his order declaring the expediency thereof, or some part or modification of such work.


Designation of Contemplated Work. Said order declaring his intention shall refer to the public way affected, by its lawful or official name, or the name by which it is commonly known. When the contemplated work is not upon a public street or thoroughfare, the order shall briefly describe the property or right of way on which the work is to be done. Said order will be sufficient if it states in general terms the kind of work contemplated, such as grading, paving, sewering or other improvements, gives in general the location of the proposed improvement and refers to the exhibit plan or plans therefor, for a description of the proposed work.


Notice of Time of Hearing. Said order declaring the intention of said Director shall also contain a notice of the day, hour, and place when and where any and all persons having any objections to the proposed work may appear before said Director and show cause why said proposed work should not be done in accordance with said order declaring the intention of said Director. Said time shall not be less than 15 days or more than 30 days from the date of making said order of intention.


(Amended by Ord. 321-69, 11/10/69)


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