§ 192.


Said Director may, if he deem it advisable, and when there is an unexpended and unencumbered balance in any fund in the City and County Treasury which has been appropriated for such general purpose, and the written consent of the Chief Administrative Officer and Controller has been obtained, recommend to the Supervisors that not to exceed 2/3 of the expense of any of the work mentioned in this Article shall be paid out of said Treasury from such unexpended and unencumbered balance. Said Director shall state the fact of such intended recommendation in his order declaring his intention to recommend that the work be done, specifying in such order the amount so to be recommended for payment from the Treasury.


Procedure. If the Supervisors follow the recommendation in whole or in part they shall appropriate for such purpose, in the ordinance ordering the work, the amount so recommended, or such part thereof as they shall consent to; provided, however, that no such appropriation shall be made until the provisions of Section 86 of the Charter of said City and County shall have been complied with. The amount so to be paid from the Treasury shall be payable at such time or times as shall be specified in the notice calling for sealed proposals for the work.

Whenever any of the expense of such work is so ordered to be paid out of the Treasury said Director in making up the assessment provided for in this Article, shall, unless the Supervisors in said ordinance otherwise provide, and except as otherwise provided in SubSection (d) of Section 215, of this Article, first deduct from the whole expense of such work the amount so ordered to be paid out of the Treasury, and shall assess the remainder of said expense upon the parcels of land liable to be assessed therefor in the manner provided in this Article.


No Limitation. This Section shall not be construed as a limitation upon the power of the Supervisors to make an appropriation from the Treasury at any other time or in any other manner to pay not to exceed 2/3 of the cost of any work mentioned in this Article.



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