§ 203.


At any time within five days from the date of the publication of the notice of award hereunder of a contract for work, any owner of, any other person having any interest in, any parcel of land liable to be assessed for such work, who claims that any of the previous acts or proceedings relating to said work are irregular, defective, erroneous or faulty, may file in the office of said Director of Public Works a written notice specifying in what respect or respects said acts or said proceedings are irregular, defective, erroneous or faulty. Said notice shall state that it is made pursuant to this Section, and shall contain the address of the person filing the same, and a description of the property owned by or in which he is interested sufficient to identify the same.

All objections to any act or proceeding occurring prior to the time within such objections are permitted to be filed in relation to said work, not made in writing and in the manner and at the time aforesaid, shall be deemed waived.



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