§ 207.


If the owners or the awardee, who have entered into such a contract, do not complete the same within the time limited in the contract, or such extended time as in this Article provided for, said Director may re-award the whole or the unfinished portion of said work, as the case may be, in accordance with the procedure in this Article prescribed for inviting proposals and awarding the contract. In such event, said owners or awardee shall be debarred from again entering into a contract to do said work or the unfinished portion thereof.

If said owners or the awardee fail or refuse to complete the contract entered into, and said Director re-awards the whole work or the incomplete portion thereof at a price in the aggregate exceeding that at which the work was originally awarded, the bond for faithful performance of the contract, in this Article hereinbefore provided for, shall be liable for any excess, resulting from such failure or refusal, of any assessment levied against any parcel of land for the expense of the work over what it would have been, had the original contract been performed; provided the original contract has not been canceled by ordinance of the Supervisors.



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