§ 216.


To said assessment shall be attached a warrant which shall be signed by said Director and countersigned by the acting Secretary of said Department of Public Works. Said warrant shall be substantially in the following form:

By virtue hereof the Department of Public Works of the City and County of San Francisco, by the authority vested in it, does authorize (name of contractor) his (or their) agents or assigns, to demand, and receive the several assessments upon the assessment diagram hereto attached, and this shall be his (or their) warrant for the same.


(Name of said Director), Director of Public Works.

Countersigned by (name of acting Secretary of Department of Public Works), Acting Secretary of the Department of Public Works.

Said warrant, assessment and diagram shall be recorded in both the office of said Department of Public Works and in the office of the Recorder of said City and County. When so recorded the several amounts assessed shall be and remain a lien upon the parcels of land assessed, respectively, and such lien shall so continue until it be fully paid and discharged of record. Such lien:


Shall be subordinate to all special assessment liens previously imposed upon the same property, but shall have priority over all special assessment liens which may thereafter be created against said property;


Shall be coequal to and independent of the lien for general ad valorem real property taxes;


Shall be prior and superior to all other liens, claims and encumbrances except (i) easements constituting servitudes upon or burdens to said lands, (ii) water rights the record title to which is held separately from the title to said lands, and (iii) restrictions of record; and


Shall not be subject to extinguishment by the sale of the property on account of the nonpayment of any taxes, except sale conducted to concurrently satisfy both unpaid ad valorem real property taxes and the unpaid special assessment.


Bond for Installment Payments. When a property owner, as in this Article provided, gives a bond, in order that said assessment may be paid in installments, the unpaid balance of such bond shall continue to be a lien upon the parcel of land against which such bond shall be given until the expiration of two years after the date when the last installment payable under said bond shall become due. From the date of recordation of any warrant, assessment and diagram pursuant to the provisions, of this Article, all persons interested in such assessment and in all property against which it shall be a lien shall be deemed to have notice of the contents of such warrant, assessment and diagram.


(Amended by Ord. 91-81, App. 2/20/81)


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