§ 217.


No objection to the correctness or legality of the assessment or other act, determination or proceeding of said Director or of any board or officer, or otherwise, up to and including said recordation of the warrant, assessment and diagram, whether such objection appear upon the face of the warrant, assessment and diagram, or not, shall be made except by appeal to the Supervisors as in this Section hereinafter provided for.

Upon the recordation in the office of the Department of Public Works of an assessment, diagram and warrant, as in this Article provided for, said Director shall cause notice of the recordation of the assessment, diagram and warrant to be given. Said notice shall also specify the time and place, to be fixed by said Director, when and where the protests of all persons interested in the work done or in the assessment, diagram or warrant for payment of the cost of the same, or in any property affected thereby, will be heard by the Supervisors, and shall also state that said assessment, diagram and warrant will be open to public inspection at the office of the Department of Public Works during business hours. Such notice shall be posted in the office of said Department of Public Works for not less than 10 days before the time of hearing therein mentioned, and shall be published once in the official newspaper of said City and County not less than 10 days before the time fixed for such hearing. Such notice shall also be posted in the manner provided for in Section 193 of this Article at least 10 days before such hearing. All of the provisions of Section 193 shall be applicable to such posting. In said notice, reference shall be made to the order of said Director declaring his intention, for a description of the work done and no other description thereof shall be necessary. Said notice shall also contain the description of the assessment district contained in said order of said Director.



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