§ 218.


The owners, whether named in the assessment, diagram or warrant, or not, the contractor or his assigns, and all other persons interested in the work done, or in the assessment, diagram or warrant, or in any property affected thereby, feeling aggrieved by any act or determination of the said Director or of any board or officer in relation thereto, or who claim that the work has not been performed according to the contract in a good and substantial manner, or having or making any objection whatsoever to the correctness, fairness, reasonableness or legality of, or any other objection whatsoever to, the assessment, diagram or warrant or other act, determination or proceeding of the said Director or of any board or officer, or having or making any other objection whatsoever, shall, not later than the day before the day fixed for such hearing by the Supervisors, file in the office of the Clerk of said Supervisors notice of appeal and a copy thereof in the office of the Department of Public Works. Each such notice of appeal shall contain the name and address of the appellant, and, if he be interested in any property affected by the assessment, a description of the particular property in which he is interested, together with a statement of the nature of his interest therein. Each such notice shall also state the grounds upon which his grievance, claim or objection is based, in sufficient detail to make clear the nature of his grievance, claim or objection. If no appeal be filed with the Supervisors within the time and in the manner in this Section provided, then no hearing need be had by said Supervisors as in this Article provided for.



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