§ 224.


No suit or proceeding to set aside, avoid, annul or correct any assessment or reassessment, or to review any of the proceedings in connection therewith, or to question the validity thereof, or to enjoin the collection thereof, or the issuance of bonds representing, or secured by the same, shall be maintained unless it be commenced within 30 days after the recording of the warrant, diagram, and assessment or reassessment in the Department of Public Works, and thereafter all persons shall be barred from commencing any such action or from interposing as a defense any asserted invalidity of any such assessment or of bonds issued thereon or of any such reassessment or of bonds issued thereon. No proceedings had under this Article shall ever be held invalid on the ground that the public way, or any portion thereof, in, over or upon which the work or improvement, or any part thereof, is or shall be done, has not been, or shall not have been, lawfully dedicated or acquired, provided the same shall be lawfully dedicated or acquired, or an order of immediate possession and use thereof shall have been obtained, at any time before the entry of judgment in the suit involving such proceeding.



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