§ 225.


The said Director shall cause to be received at any time the amounts due upon any assessment and warrant issued, and shall also cause to be given a good and sufficient discharge therefor, unless written notice be given him that suit to foreclose an assessment has been filed.

The said Director shall cause to be released any assessment upon the books of the Department of Public Works on the payment of the amount of the assessment, with interest to date of payment, against any lot, or on the production to said Department of Public Works of the receipt of the party to whom the assessment and warrant were issued, or his assigns. If any warrant is lost, upon proof of such loss, a duplicate may be issued, upon which a return may be made with the same effect as if the original had been so returned. Upon the return of the assessment and warrant as provided in this Article, all amounts remaining due thereon shall draw interest at the rate set by the Director until paid. Said Director shall have full power to extend the time for the return of such warrant to said department.

The records kept by said Director or department shall have the same force and effect as other public records, and copies thereof, duly certified by said Director or the Secretary of said department, may be used in evidence with the same effect as the originals. The said records shall, during all office hours, be open to the inspection of any person wishing to examine them, free of charge.


(Amended by Ord. 368-82, App. 7/30/82)


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