§ 237.


Anything in this Article to the contrary notwithstanding, said Director of Public Works may in the assessment and warrant provided for in Sections 215 and 216 of this Article make each assessment which exceeds $200 payable in annual installments. No such annual installment payment shall exceed five percent of the benefit conferred on said property on which the assessment is levied measured in terms of the cost of said street improvement plus interest on the outstanding balance due. As used in this Section the term “benefit conferred” shall refer to the cost of the improvement apportioned by the said Director pursuant to Section 215(b) of this Article.

The dates for payment of installments on an assessment shall not extend over a period of more than 10 years from the date when the first installment will be payable. The assessment made by said Director shall state the number of installments in which the assessment payable in installments may be paid, the respective dates for payment of the several installments, and the rate of interest, not to exceed the percentum per annum set by law by the State of California, to be charged on all deferred payments. The first installment shall be payable at the time provided for in Section 229 of this Article. Every assessment and accrued interest, however, may be paid in cash at any time, unless suit has been filed thereon or unless a bond has been executed thereon.


Appeal Prerequisite to Court Action. No objection whatsoever relative to the making of such an assessment payable in installments as in this Section provided for, or relative to the amount of any such assessment or assessment installment, or relative to the time or manner of payment of any such assessment or assessment installment may be made in any manner or in any court or tribunal except by such party or parties as shall have appealed to the Supervisors in the manner provided for in Section 217 of this Article. All persons who have not so appealed to the Supervisors shall be deemed to have waived every objection in this Section referred to.


Assessment Amended or Reassessment Made. Any assessment which violates any of the provisions of this Section or Section III of the Charter of said City and County may be amended or corrected, in the manner in this Article provided for the amendment or correction of an assessment, or a reassessment may be made as in this Article provided for, in order that such original assessment may be made to conform to this Section and Section III of said Charter.


(Amended by Ord. 368-82, App. 7-30-82)


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