§ 243.


The term “incidental expenses,” as used in this Article, shall include the cost of engineering work; also, the cost of legal services; also, the cost of printing and advertising as provided in this Article, including the estimated cost of printing any bonds to be issued to represent or be secured by unpaid assessments: also the cost of superintendence of the work mentioned in this Article; also the expenses of making the assessment and of typing and preparing the resolutions, notices and other papers and proceedings for any work authorized by this Article; also the expenses of making any analysis and tests to determine that the work and any materials or appliances incorporated therein comply with the specifications; and any other expense incidental to the construction, completion and inspection of the work in the manner in this Article provided for. All demands for incidental expenses mentioned in this Section shall be presented to the Director of Public Works, by an itemized bill, duly verified by oath of the defendant.


(Amended by Ord. 91-81, App. 2/20/81)


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