§ 264.


The Director shall make the expense of the district chargeable upon the district that in his opinion is benefited by such maintenance, allocating the expense to properties within the district in proportion to benefit as determined by an appropriate benefit formula not dependent on assessed value.

In the order declaring his intention the Director shall describe the district, declare it to be the district which will be benefited, and describe the benefit formula to be applied.

Such district may be described in the order by stating the exterior boundaries thereof, or by giving a description thereof according to any official or recorded map or maps, or by referring to the maps or block books customarily used by the Assessor and Tax Collector for City and County assessment or tax collection purposes, or by referring to a plat or map which shall be on file in the office of the Director at the time of making the order declaring his intention: said last-mentioned plat or map shall indicate by a boundary line the extent of the territory included in the proposed district, and, if referred to as hereinabove provided for, shall govern for all details as to the extent of such district.


(Amended by Ord. 91-81, App. 2/20/81)


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