§ 267.


If any protest against the proposed district or any other protest be sustained by the Director, he shall not thereby be prevented from commencing proceedings anew hereunder which shall embrace the same work and/or the same district or any part or parts of either or both thereof; and new proceedings may be had the same as if all such prior proceedings, no matter how many times instituted, had never been commenced.

If no protests be made against the proposed district, or if all protests made against the same be overruled by the Director, the Director shall accompany his recommendation to the Board that the proposed district be formed, with a diagram on which shall be delineated each separate parcel of land within the limits of such district, the approximate dimensions of each such parcel and its relative location to the work proposed to be done. The correctness of such diagram shall be certified by the City Engineer.


(Amended by Ord. 443-74, App. 9/18/74)


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