§ 270.


The Director at any stage of the proceedings for any proposed maintenance district prior to action by the Board upon his recommendation that they order the same done, may by order abandon any or all proceedings theretofore had in relation to such proposed district; and the Director may commence said proceedings anew and continue the same from any part of said proceedings not so abandoned. If the Director abandons any or all proceedings after his making an order of recommendation and before action thereon by the Board, he shall cause notice of such fact forthwith to be transmitted to the Board, and the Board shall take no action upon the recommendation in such case.

If the Board pass an ordinance ordering any proposed maintenance district formed pursuant to this Article, it may upon recommendation of Director repeal such ordinance ordering such maintenance district.

The Director, from time to time after he has abandoned any proceedings for any proposed maintenance district pursuant to this Article, may institute and continue proceedings hereunder for the maintenance district theretofore proposed and abandoned, or for such district or modified maintenance district as he may determine the public interest or convenience requires, all in accordance with the procedure prescribed in this Article.


(Amended by Ord. 443-74, App. 9/18/74)


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