§ 272.


The Board shall thereafter, in each year, prior to the time of fixing the City and County tax rate, estimate the cost of maintaining and operating the said items to be maintained and operated within said maintenance district during the ensuing year. The Board shall decide whether or not the cost of the same shall be borne wholly or partially by the said maintenance district and shall, in addition to all other taxes and assessments, fix annual special assessments for the real property within said maintenance district sufficient to raise an amount of money to cover the entire expense of maintaining said improvements during the ensuing years, or such portion of said amount as the Board shall determine shall be borne by said district, and the Supervisors shall levy a special assessment each year upon the real property in such district, allocated to individual properties within the district according to the benefit formula for that district, in an amount sufficient to pay such entire annual expense, or the portion thereof which must be paid by the district.


(Amended by Ord. 91-81, App. 2/20/81)


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